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Why a week on a health retreat can change your life forever

It may seem like a radical claim, but reseting your lifestyle on a health retreat can fundamentally change your life forever.

We often get stuck in a routine and that becomes our lifestyle, we often aim to exercise more, eat more salad and drink more water but this often becomes 'I'll do it tomorrow' on our to do list.

Then we go out for drinks at the weekend, maybe drink a little too much, maybe eat way more than we should and over time, these habits become a blueprint for our long term health and before we know it we are overweight, tired and sluggish.

If this sounds like you, then maybe consider a health retreat. Over a week submerse yourself in healthy eating, regular exercise, time in the spa and a digital detox and you can reset that blueprint for your future wellbeing.

After several recommendations I investigated the newly renovated Eden Retreat. Over the past 40 years Eden has been well known for its beauty and seclusion and ability to give its guests a radical overhaul.

Set in the beautiful Gold Coast hinterland Currumbin Valley, the retreat is ensconced in breathtakingly stunning mountains and greenery and is the perfect place to reset the mind body and soul.

A typical day at the retreat will involve a 5.55am wake up call followed by yoga or a bush walk to refresh and energise the body. I'm a firm believer in exercising first thing before breakfast, it replenishes the body and resets it for the day.

Breakfast at Eden is magical time. After working up an appetite, you can expect a nutrient dense meal of avocado, greens and Macadamia nut feta alongside some gluten free sprouted toast.

After breakfast there's another activity which might range from circuit training to boxercise to really get the blood pumping.

Daily exercise is key to long term health and fitting this into your routine is essential. Exercise is then followed by another antioxidant rich snack such as homemade seed crackers with hummus.

Eating is a real ritual at the retreat and it's a learning factor to take home with you. Nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals at every meal is where your health will really blossom .

After a mid-morning tea, self care is on the menu. This might be a massage or facial at their spa or a sauna or swim in the pool.

Factoring in down time in your day is another key ritual to adopt at home. Learning to self-care is often hard for us to embrace. We are often bogged down with work responsibilities or life admin that can consume our lives and we forget the importance of treating ourselves to pamper time.

Self care is as essential as eating and drinking. It helps manage stress levels and allows us that all important time to breathe and reflect from the madness of our day-to-day responsibilities.

After self care, it's time for lunch. Every meal in Eden is packed full of fresh vegetables such as a green leafy salad alongside a rainbow of roasted veggies with quinoa and tahini sauce.

After lunch, more downtime follows. It might be another walk in nature, journaling by the pool or some relaxing yoga. One thing you can be sure of is there is no wifi so a break from digital is mandatory.

A digital detox is essential for the soul. We often limit our children's screen time, but forget to limit our own leaving us sucked into a rabbit hole of social media and news feed where our mental health can suffer and decline.

Afternoon tea follows around 3.30pm where you sip on a herbal tea and tuck into a gluten free carrot muffin. Coffee, sugar, alcohol and gluten is off the menu here and apart from one cup of coffee a day and the occasional glass of red, is my life as a nutritionist.

Knowing the benefits of removing these toxins from our diets is the key to long term health. Eradicating toxin build up leads to less inflammation and sickness in the body, a healthier gut and in turn, a healthier weight.

After tea, there's more time to enjoy the outdoors or simply read in your luxury cabin. Eden has recently built a set of luxury cabins which feature oversized baths, posturepedic beds and balconies overlooking the vast grounds.

Simply taking time to be at one with nature, being grateful for our surroundings is unbelievably enriching for our minds.

Dinner is another special ritual. Tuck into a tofu laksa made with a healing turmeric broth and a huge handful of fresh veggies before you settle down for the night and enjoy probably the best night's sleep of your life.

Now imagine that day and the benefits you will reap over a seven day period, how do you feel? Lighter, fresher and renewed and armed with all the tools you need to live the best life for the rest of your life.

For more information on Eden and its packages visit:


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