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5 healthy treats your kids will love

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

It's a fallacy that kids won't eat healthy treats. Try these 5 winning recipes that my little ones simply love!

Green Smoothies

Kids won't eat their greens? Simply blend one kiwi, one apple, a handful of spinach, coconut water and a drizzle of honey into a blender with ice. Tell them it's a magic green potion and they'll drink it up!

Banana ice cream

Kids are crying out for ice cream but you're trying to cut back on sugary treats? Simply blend one frozen banana with a spoon of peanut butter and a few dark chocolate chips and you've got healthy ice cream in under five minutes!

Chicken noodle souptastic

If you're in a hurry and have some leftover chicken and need a quick recipe to feed your hungry kids simply boil 2 cups of chicken broth with a tablespoon of Miso paste, a clove of garlic, a thumb of ginger with one chopped carrot, a handful of chopped green beans, a cup of leftover chicken and some buckwheat noodles and hey presto you have a quick, easy and healthy meal your kids will love.

Snack attack

Need a healthy option for snacks? Try roasting chickpeas in a little cumin powder and sea salt for a crunchy and tasty snack packed for of goodness.

Healthy gummies

Don't stock up on unhealthy shop bought gummy bears! They're full of additives and sugar. Instead make your own with one cup of orange juice, 2 tablespoons of Manuka honey, and three tablespoons of grass fed gelatine. Pop into moulds and let them set. Now your kids can enjoy lollies without you stressing!


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