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Low Carb Pad Thai

Fancy a Pad Thai but don’t want to feel all bloated and heavy afterwards? Try my low carb version, which has a light sugar free sauce and is vegetarian. If you want to add some added protein, I suggest chicken thighs or Tiger prawns.


2 spiralised zucchinis

1 spiralised sweet potato

1 French shallot diced

1 clove of garlic

1 red chilli

1 tablespoon Soya sauce

1 tablespoon Sesame oil

Handful of crushed peanuts

Coriander to serve

Squeeze of lemon

Optional protein

Diced chicken thighs, pan fried

Tiger prawns, pan fried


Fry the shallot, garlic and fresh chilli in coconut oil until fragrant. Add Zucchini and sweet potato and fry until soft. Add soya sauce and sesame oil and serve with peanuts, coriander and a squeeze of lemon. Add optional pan fried protein if desired.


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